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Why It’s So Important to Capture Time with the Tools You ALREADY Use Every Day.

With remote work coming to our lives, we work from anywhere, at any time, and hop from meeting to meeting in Teams. We typically do this while responding to email and staying on top of getting our work done. We are doing a lot of things, but how can we keep track of what we are doing and for whom? We need help!

TiM (Time is Money) is our unique software and methodology for helping you understand how your day was spent. Time is a non-renewable resource and in professional services, it is the product being sold, increasing its value. Wasting time trying to track your time is just horrible. TiM takes care of this for you. TiM organizes your time into a clear calendar picture (not a software version of a timesheet) that integrates with your financial system.

Let's see how it works!

Microsoft Outlook

You do not need to learn new software with TiM, because it operates directly within your Microsoft Outlook Calendar. If you already use Outlook, the transition to TiM will be seamless. Easily create a time entry with a couple of mouse clicks or drag and drop from your Outlook calendar. TiM captures time spent in meetings, email, applications, and phones to help capture the entire professional day. It keeps track of your time right there in Outlook as your day moves on.

Delight All Levels

Its easy-to-use interface delights users across the board. From day 1, TiM users are not faced with the burden of capturing/tracking all their time. No more extra applications and multiple windows trying to track down 40 hours. TiM automatically keeps track of time spent in each window/application you open and with a variety of settings, can request that you assign that time upon closing the window, or can wait and sort it out later. Either way, the amount of time spent is captured and stored in TiM. You post your time directly from Outlook with a couple of mouse clicks. On the other side, in your management system, it is visible in real time. 

TiM delights managers at all levels. By making capturing time so simple, TiM users will develop better habits of capturing their time daily and in real time as they progress through the day. This provides managers access to valuable insights and allows them to proactively manage instead of hounding employees to submit their time. Utilization of TiM also allows for real-time project management and the ability to adjust on the fly. Managers have access to real-time project hours and updates. It creates clear and detailed time entries providing complete transparency on how we spend our time. This in turn provides clients with a better understanding of what we are doing for them.

Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure OR Dynamics 365 Business Central?

The answer is always a YES!

TiM is designed to make it easier to capture time and post that time directly to your backend management system from Outlook. Time data is immediately available for analysis in your ERP system, project management system, or customized dashboard. TiM connects to the management solution of YOUR choice. For example, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Microsoft Azure, or Dynamics 365 Business Central. Don't have any of these? Not a problem. If you use any other financial system, we are happy to customize TiM for you. We can connect TiM to the financial system that you prefer.

Please contact us for a demo of TiM or with any questions you might have! You can also take a closer look at what TiM can do for you here.

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