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TiM is more than time tracking software. TiM is methodology + software. Time is all a knowledge based company has to sell, and we generally do a bad job of capturing and recording it; this results in individual and company under-performance. TiM directly addresses this issue by simplifying the time reporting process with a proven methodology plus tools to easily capture and report our professional day. 

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How does it work?

TiM is built into the one application on your desktop that runs every day all day: Microsoft Outlook! We plan our day with the Microsoft Outlook calendar, why not use it to record our day? Create a time entry with two mouse clicks or “drag and drop” from another calendar. Additionally, TiM tracks our email, application, and phone usage to help us capture our entire professional day. TiM also integrates with your favorite Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution. Simple, easy, and without timesheets!


“TiM has been a game changer for timesheet entry. I went from reviewing every email and call one-by-one to drag and dropping meetings from one calendar to another. This feature alone has saved me a tremendous amount of time and headaches when it comes to timesheet entry.”

Patrick Hurtubise
Senior Technical Consultant, Thinkmax Canada


Our Business

Why do we continually have to badger our employees for their time? Because we haven’t given them the right tool or methodology. Time tracking is a life skill that we just assume our people know how to do, but to do it timely, accurately and simply, we need help. So we built the help, it’s called TiM (Time Is Money). We’re currently offering a 14-day free trial of TiM. Contact us to schedule a demo.

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