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From User to Management

Track, manage and deliver your time with TiM.

TiM is more than time tracking software. TiM is methodology + software. TiM is simplifying the time reporting process with a proven methodology plus tools to easily capture and report our professional day. 

We solve #1 Time Tracking Problem

The biggest problem in the time tracking industry is consistent and efficient usage of tools to capture time. The only way to change someone's mind about a task is by creating a different feeling to go with it, change their experience from a negative one to a positive.

Become a Better Team

How Do We Make Your Life Easier?

Save Time

Decrease the time you spend tracking your workday.

Earn More

Capture more time and bill more hours. Increase revenues for your company.

No stress

Timesheet anxiety is real! TiM lifts the pressure and relieves your mind.

Work Anywhere

TiM travels with you. Work and capture time with your device from anywhere.

How it Works

Meet TiM solution for efficient time tracking

TiM is built into the one application on your desktop that runs every day all day: Microsoft Outlook!

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Easy and Familiar Software

Create a time entry with two mouse clicks or “drag and drop” from your Outlook calendar. Additionally, TiM tracks our email, application, and phone usage to help us capture our entire professional day. 

TiM creates clear and detailed time entries that provide greater transparency on how we spend our time.

Integrates with Your Financial Systems

Today we work from anywhere, anytime and hop from Teams meeting to Teams meeting while responding to email, on top of getting our work done. How can we keep track of what we are doing and for whom we are doing it? We need help! TiM helps you understand where your day went and organizes it into a clear calendar picture that submits directly to Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O or Business Central.

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Create Discreet Reports Quickly

The time events are converted into timesheet entries automatically through posting. This direct posting from Outlook reduces errors and creates efficiencies by eliminating transcribing of hand-written notes and send these events directly to the financial system.

Charts and Analytics

Our Clients

Why companies like TiM?

"I look forward to doing my time, and that is crazy. It is fun and enjoyable, and I never thought I would mention the words 'time' and 'fun' in the same sentence. TiM should be at all companies."

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Andrea Nills
Thinkmax Consultant

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