Focus on what you do best. Let TiM capture where your time is spent.

Hate timesheets? Don't do them. Use TiM!



The easiest and most accurate time tracking software on the market.


Trouble-free time management

TiM provides the easiest way for you to do your time. TiM is more than software; TiM is also a methodology. TiM makes time tracking a small and simple part of your day.

No Timesheets!

Timesheets don’t work, so TiM does not use them. TiM uses the Microsoft Outlook® calendar to capture and record time. Everyone uses Outlook to plan their day, why not use Outlook to record our day?

Visual Time Entry


Create boxes on your calendar; the size of the box indicates the amount of time. Create a box from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM, that’s one hour. Fill in your entire day, that’s 100% utilization! Easy, and without timesheets.

Mobile Time Capture

Create time entries from your iPhone and Android devices. Advanced call capture available on Android devices; capture even more time!

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What is TiM ?


TiM is simple to use. Using Microsoft Outlook, create a time entry with three mouse clicks, or "drag and drop" a calendar event to create a time entry.


The Microsoft Outlook Calendar is where we plan our day, why not use the calendar to record our day ?

Advanced TiM functionality captures time spent on e-mails, documents, and phone calls. Simple, easy, and without timesheets!

Why use TiM ?


There is an inherent problem with timesheets that everyone has simply grown to accept: Timesheets do not match how we work. The format of a timesheet is a grid with space for clients and activities on the left, and then vertical time columns to the right; this may appeal to some, but not to most. Timesheets simply do not fit how we work. If the format worked, people would love doing their time. This is not the case. The time issue is the format coupled with the fact that people do not like to be watched, and professionals feel a certain amount of indignation towards timesheets. “I spent X amount of years on my education and professional career only to report my time?” The format is painful and the activity is intrusive. Nobody likes it, so we do the minimum. How much time are we missing ?

Time and knowledge are the two most valuable assets in a professional service company. We constantly improve our knowledge skills and tools, but we are not improving our time skills and tools.


TiM is more that a software solution; TiM is a methodology plus software. The TiM solution uses the same uses the same methodology  we all use to plan our day. We plan our day with the Microsoft Outlook calendar, why not use the Outlook calendar to record our time ?

Products & Pricing



Full featured TiM connected to your enterprise solution in real-time.


No more timesheets!


Unlimited users  per company

25 user minimum

Full featured TiM without a connection to an enterprise solution. 

Maximum 25 users per company

On Android devices, Tiny TiM captures call duration and contact information, so you know who called and for how long. 

Available for download on Google Play or download here.

Finding one lost e-mail or one uncaptured phone call per day

pays for the entire system.

No more lost time

The small interruptions that consume your day are now tracked, understandable, and billable.

Across all your devices

TiM embeds into mobile phones,

Most Android devices and PCs; TiM captures every event and groups them into projects for billing. 

Reports & Extracts

TiM offers intelligent dashboards to help you understand your time and your business. 


TiM integrates with your management solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics AX, and Navision (NAV). 

Oracle Cloud ERP, NetSuite, and QuickBooks.


TiM knows your projects and pushes the captured time directly into your system. No more timesheets!



Thinkmax leverages its extended expertise in enterprise system integration to build unified digital experiences built on best of breed platforms to meet customer’s expectations and achieve business performance goals.

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