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About Us

01. Time Saving


We have seen clients time tracking efforts go from 2 ½ hours per week before using TiM, to 15-minutes per week with TiM, plus increases in time capture well above 10%!

02. Cost-Effective


TiM is designed to streamline the entire process of time tracking to invoice delivery resulting in increased revenues for the firm. 

03. Instant Results

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TiM is designed to make it easier to capture time, and post that time directly to your project management solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365. Don't spend your Friday sitting and doing your timesheet. Do it throughout your day.

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Our Story

Erik Cornet
Founder of TiM

The TiM time management product comes from my personal journey from consultant to manager to business owner. In each of these roles I faced challenges around tracking, reporting, and billing for time. 

The timekeeper wants to work unencumbered, focusing his/her time on the client, but acknowledges the obligation to report the hours worked. The manager wants to bill as much time as possible, but is reluctant to question hours/time reported by the timekeeper. Too often, this friction results in under-reporting of time and lost profits.

TiM makes time tracking simple, permitting the timekeeper to capture and record virtually all their time effort, and submit it without any hassle. Time is efficiently and accurately recorded, delighting the timekeeper, manager, and client.


Empowering the business professionals to thrive in the ever evolving competitive environment through simple to use technology based upon software you already know and love.

Pelorus Technology continues to innovate by advancing and improving our solutions to drive greater success for our clients.

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TiM is connected to the project management solution of your choice. For example, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, or Dynamics 365 Business Central. If you use any other financial system, we are happy to personalize TiM for you.  We can connect TiM to the financial system that you would prefer!

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