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Interview with TiM Creator

Erik & TiM - Where it all started Erik Cornet, President and CEO of Pelorus Technology & Chief Technology Officer of HandsFree, has spent a majority of his life working in business consulting and the computer software industry. Whether to update your business processes or develop innovative solutions, Erik has built and led teams that put ingenuity to work to bring efficient solutions. Years ago, Erik recognized that "time and knowledge are the two most valuable assets in a professional service company. We constantly improve our knowledge skills and tools, but we are not improving our time skills and tools." After all, time is money. Based on his own research and that of professionals around him, he did not find a single solution that was efficient enough to use. Any professional that tracks time needs a better answer than filling out a timesheet, and I couldn't find one, so I built it myself and called it TiM (Time is Money)." Q: Where did the idea of TiM come from?

TiM time management solution is the result of my own experience from a consultant to a manager to a business owner. In each of these roles I faced challenges around tracking, reporting, and billing for time. Timekeeper wants to work unencumbered, focusing their attention on clients, but acknowledge the necessity to submit tome reports. The manager's intent is to bill as many hours as possible but is reluctant to question hours reported by the timekeeper. Too often, this friction results in under-reporting of time and lost profits. Using TiM, timekeepers can easily capture, record, and submit virtually all their time effort. Time is efficiently and accurately recorded, delighting the timekeeper, manager, and client.

"The TiM time management solution comes from my personal journey from consultant to manager to business owner. In each of these roles I faced challenges around tracking, reporting, and billing for time."

Q: What made you go into consulting?

I like solving problems. I love a good puzzle. I like helping companies achieve their goals, but really it is the puzzle that draws me in. Q: What is a professional thing that you want people to know about you?

I guess, sincerity. Whether it is a company or if it is something that I am doing personally, it has to be sincere and it has to be authentic. It is not just doing something just because it is a job or because we are doing it for the money, but because there is value for everyone involved.

Q: What is one personal thing you want to share?

In my personal life, I am passionate about 2 things. It is rowing, still… *smiles* and my dogs. I believe in the power of sport helping younger people, as it did for me. So much so that I started a small charity where we look after financially challenged kids who want to row but can’t afford it. We have been able to change the lives of multiple young adults by introducing them to the rowing community and providing them with lessons and support. This creates opportunities for these young adults to go to universities they might not be able to afford without a scholarship. It just gives me personal satisfaction that we changed the lives of these people, and we aim to keep doing that through the power of sports and rowing.

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